Metal Based Paint Dryers

It is by far the most important and widespread cobalt based paint drier. It acts as an oxidation catalyst and thus permits the hardening the paints film surface. Read More
The lead soap is polymerization catalyst. It gives flexibility toughness and durability to the film. Lead acts as a “through drier” i.e. in combination with Cobalt it gives a perfect film dry from the surface right to the substrate.. Read More
A co-drier without any drying power by itself but enhancing the drying effect of the active driers. Read More
Manganese soaps are intermediate in activity and they have both oxidizing and polymerizing properties. These are used in outdoor paints, banking enamels, floor finishes and varnishesRead More
An auxiliary soap preferred by paint manufactures aiming to protect the environment from the toxic effects of lead soaps..Read More
Zinc is among the group of soaps known as “auxiliary” driers, used in conjunction with the redox metalsRead More
Strontium Soaps are ideal auxiliaries driers for system containing no heavy metals. Combined with primary driers such as cobalt or manganese, they yield optimum and uniform drying.Read More