Chaman Chemicals


Chaman Chemical Industries (CCI) was established in 1995 with the technical support of C.E.S Kalthof GmbH of Germany to develop and manufacture metal based synthetic paint driers. Our manufacturing facility, located at 54th KM Lahore-Multan Road, is being managed and operated by a team of energetic, highly qualified, experienced professionals and engineers. There is an in-house fully equipped, modern and computerized laboratory which provides support and control in the developmental and manufacturing processes assuring us of a quality product.

We are pre qualified for supply of chemicals to Defense procurement agencies of for chemicals. ‘Wah Nobel’ is a good example of a current customer in this target market. Berger, ICI and Dulex are our customers for paint thinner and quick drying agents.

Metal Carboxylates are reaction products of metal and organic acids. They are often referred to as metal soaps, metal organics, or siccatives. These products are supplied as solutions (in a variety of solvents or in excess acids), solvent-less liquids and solids (in powder or pastille form). METCHEM has a selective product line of metal carboxylates, encompassing the most effective and productive paint driers. METCHEM offers better color, lower odor and somewhat greater efficiency. CCI has become the market leader in metal carboxylate technology and production in Pakistan with state-of-the-art development and manufacturing facilities supported by C.E.S. Kalthof GmbH, Germany. METCHEM is now positioned to be a key brand of metal based paint driers in the industry.