Cobalt Detail


It is by far the most important and widespread cobalt based paint drier. It acts as an oxidation catalyst and thus permits the hardening the paints film surface.


Blue liquid with a reddish hue.


Generally cobalt soaps are used in conjunction with lead, calcium, zirconium and the mixture of these soaps. The unique feature of cobalt is that it is least affected by atmospheric humidity. It is an effective accelerator for polyester. The blue color of cobalt soap is useful to absorb the yellow aspect of alkyd resins and thus they are preferred to formulate white paints for enhancement of their whiteness. CCI recommends the incorporation of cobalt soap at the final stage of paint preparation due t its strong oxidative property and thus to prevent a drying on the surface or less in the paint. However, larger additions of cobalt soaps than are required may give rise to wrinkling..


According to the customer’s need we produce cobalt soaps with 6% and 12% of metal content in packing of Net 180 kgs Drums for Co6 and 200 kgs Drums for Co12.