Lead Detail


The lead soap is polymerization catalyst. It gives flexibility toughness and durability to the film. Lead acts as a “through drier” i.e. in combination with Cobalt it gives a perfect film dry from the surface right to the substrate.


Low viscosity, but high density, clear liquid with yellowish tint.


The lead soaps are considered very useful driers as they increase the resistance of paint film against rain water and sea water. It also helps in wetting, dispersing and often used during the dispersion stage of paint manufacture. Generally they are used together with cobalt and /or manganese soaps, which maintain high gloss throughout the life of the paint. Some of the problems connected with leads soaps such as sulphur staining and reaction with polybasic acids are overcome by inclusion of Calcium and /or Barium soaps. However, CCIL doesn’t recommend the use of lead soaps in media where intensive sulphur fumes are generated..


According to the customer’s need we produce lead soaps with 36% metal content in packing of Net 250 kgs Drums.