Cobalt Octoate

The most commonly used primary drier and the most active. It produces less discoloration in wet paint and upon ageing of dried paint. Cobalt Octoate is metal soap, used as an active surface Drier for Oil and alkyd based products, It acts as an oxidizing catalyst. These are used in Printing Inks, Enamel and Baking Paints, Unsaturated Polyester resins and Varnishes.
Metal Contents: 12%, 6%

Cobalt Octoate FGS (Fiberglass Grade)

Cobalt FGS is the only drier used as a curing agent in the fiberglass industry. Our product provides the fastest and most stable gel and cure time with economical pricing. It acts as an oxidizing catalyst in polyster resins.
Metal Contents: 12%, 6%

Calcium Octoate

Calcium keeps the film matrix open which allows more oxygen into the film and more solvent to escape early in the drying process. Calcium assists in pigment dispersion and reduces loss of dry when added in the pigment grinding stage. Calcium Octoate is an important auxiliary drier. It is used in combination with Strontium/Zirconium/Lead and Cobalt octoate, mainly in alkyd resin finishes. Calcium Octoate prevents the formation of lead haze in clear medium. Alkyd resin paints and varnishes containing Lead drier may become cloudy during the storage due to precipitation of insoluble Lead phathalate.
Metal Contents: 10%, 5%

Strontium Octoate

Now offered as a replacement for zirconium and lead. Has no known toxicity unlike zirconium and lead. Strontium Octoate is replacement of Lead Octoate, where Lead free Paint/Ink is required. It improves through drying in adverse effect like high humidity & low temperatures.
Metal Contents: 12%


N-Octoate is a green earth metal soap, used as a Through Drier for oil and alkyd-based products. It gives high gloss, toughness and durability of the film. It is used in combination with Cobalt Octaote and Calcium Octaote and gives a perfect film dry from the surface right to the substrate.

Zirconium Octoate

Not as effective as lead but is less toxic and was the first identified alternative to lead. Zirconium has replaced lead in a number of countries. Zirconium Octoate is a very efficient auxiliary drier. It is use in paint media with Cobalt and other auxiliary driers to boost up the performance of paints and varnishes. Zirconium Octoate is the most useful drier for water resistant finishes due to its stabilizing effect on the ester linkages in the media.
Metal Contents: 18%

Lead Octoate

It was the most commonly used until the toxicity of lead became a major concern. Lead Octoate is one of the auxiliary driers also called as through drier. Lead octoate is used as active or top drier. It promotes hard, through drying throughout the entire film and also promotes flexibility. In alkyd finishes where fume proof finishes are not specified. Lead Octoate acts as a polymerization catalyst. It gives flexibility, toughness and durability of the film. When used in combination with Cobalt Octoate, it gives a perfect a film dry from the surface right to the substrate.
Metal Contents: 36%, 24%

Manganese Octoate

Less commonly used because of the dark brown colour of Mn3+ which can discolour paint films and is also seen as less effective than Cobalt. Manganese Octoate is the second most important primary drier. It can be used as a Cobalt replacement in darker coloured paints where discoloration due to the dark brown Manganese colour is not important. High humidity may however lower the effectivity of Manganese as well. Manganese is also used in combination with Cobalt in the offset printing ink applications.
Metal Contents: 6%

Zinc Octoate

It is used as a catalyst for organic synthesis and polyurethane production. Zinc Carboxylates are also valuable as lubricant additives in certain formulations for their anti-wear and/or anti-corrosion functionality. It also keeps the film open, prevents wrinkling and skinning of the film.
Metal Contents: 12%