Wednesday, September 28 2016


CHAMAN GROUP was formed in 1980. The corporate structure of all group businesses is based on partnerships. The group firms are dealing in diversified fields of businesses. Import, Whole Sale and manufacturing are the core businesses of the group. Indenting and project procurement are the secondary strengths of the Group.

Besides serving the commercial markets, the Group Firms are also registered and serving Ministry of Defense, DGDP, DP Air, NLC, FWO, Ministry of Productions, many other Government and Semi Government Departments besides all major industrial and construction sectors.

The group compromises of highly qualified and trained professionals in procurement, marketing, sales, accounting and business developments.

Group Head Office is centrally located at Davis Road, the most famous business area in the heart of Lahore. The covered area of the Group Head Office is more than 4000-sq ft, beautifully decorated, furnished and equipped with all modern amenities. One branch is located in Badami Bagh market in Lahore for retail sales. Ware-Houses are located at Sunder Adda at 31-Km Lahore-Multan Road. The Chemicals manufacturing Plant is located at Bahi Phero near Lahore.

  • Chaman Group of Chemicals┬«

    Chaman Group of Chemicals Industries has launched a specialized phosphatic fertilize,r popularly known as Single Super Phosphate (SSP yield per acre and is branded as Chaman Group of Chemicals®. To download product brochure, please click here "Chaman Group of Chemicals".

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